Manual article override

What makes this extension different from other implementations is precisely THIS feature. Socialmeta gives you the ability to override the automatic meta creation by your own input for each article. It gives the author/publisher a total flexibility on the way his content will be rendered on the social networks.

This is how it looks in the Joomla! article view.
screenshot of the article view Figure 3

  1. Image
    The image used when sharing the article on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. If none is provided the automatic override order is Default image -> HTML of the article (first one) -> intro or full (depending on your configuration)
  2. Title
    If empty the article title will be used instead
  3. Description
    If empty the beginning of the article will be used instead (all html tags will be automatically striped)
  4. Related article
    Add some related resources to try to gain related items from your site under your post in the stream.
  5. Video HTTPS Url
    Enter the url of the video resource associated to your content. Note that Facebook and Twitter REQUIRE HTTPS to avoid mixed content browser errors when playing the video in the stream
  6. Video MIME
    This field should be automatically populated by pressing the Fetch button. If not the accepted values are: application/x-shockwave-flash or video/mp4
  7. Video width
    Width of your video in pixels
  8. Video height
    Height of your video in pixels
  9. Content's main type
    You shouldn't touch anything except if you wish your article to be treated as a video content. It may then become streamable in Facebook and Twitter streams. The other interest of setting an article as video content is to try to get a video preview in Google search result.